We provide telecom market data and consumer buying behavior analytics to companies


Wireless and Landline Carriers

From the Analyst to the C-Suite and across all business functions, our data-driven insights help you measure performance, and optimize your investments throughout the business

What happened in the entire market last week? Who are the winners and losers? Why? How are network investments and maintenance affecting market performance? In what geography? How are pricing changes impacting market performance? What promotions and events were most successful in retaining and acquiring high quality customers?



Ad Tech and Marketing Service Companies

Our unique signals and insights help shape retention and acquisition messages and media plans. Our measurement and monitoring capabilities enable continuous learning that improves effectiveness and efficiency.

What insights can help your clients attract and retain high value customers? How does pricing affect market movement?





Affinity Groups

From Reward Program Executives to Credit Card Issuers – our telecom metrics can help you better understand your members and design innovative programs to deliver more value to them.

How does your audience compare to national indices in key telecom metrics? What markets are strong? Where is there opportunity? How can I design more effective co-marketing programs for my telecom partners to protect and grow their investments?






For Telecom Category Owners, Market Managers and Supply Chain Planners…

What is the installed share in each of my markets? How did it change last week? Last month? Last year? How did my pricing promotion work – what was its effect on the entire market? Did it vary by geography? What is the quality of the customer I’m winning for my telecom partners? How do I monitor results? Is there a difference in retail success based on geography and network accessibility?



Device Manufacturers

For Product Sales, Advertising and Market Executives and their teams…

What happens to switching when new devices are launched? How does performance vary by carrier? How does it compare with past launches, by carrier, by market, by tenure, by cohort? What effect does relative network quality have? On which networks are your products most prevalent? Where?



Investment Firms

From Hedge Fund Managers to Private Equity Investors – know what is happening in the industry each week…

Who is winning? Who is losing? Are new marketing and investment strategies effective?
Which companies need the most network investment? Where?