Unique and differentiated data



High quality client services and analytics



Easy to use platform and data availability


Easy-to-use Platform and Data Availability

We offer a uniquely comprehensive and accurate view of the market through our platform or data transfers

Zero Integration

Onboard new users to our web based platform with no integration required – your analytic teams can be up and running in days

Easily Query Data

Query our data, using filters for time, geography, demographics, network coverage, retail density and more

Visualize Complex Data Sets

Visualize the data, patterns and behaviors, through a combination of configurable and exportable charts, maps, tables, or export data to Excel for further analysis, enrichment and visualization

Unique Data, unrivaled in breadth, depth, relevance and accuracy

Over 250 Million market observations

With tens of thousands of new observations each day

All major wireless and landline carriers

Highly correlated with reported results

New Ways of Understanding the Market

Customer flow share between carriers
Each Carrier’s win and loss composition
Consumer behavior patterns driven by pricing and promotions
Impact of network investments
Forecasting when customers will switch again

Closed Loop Monitoring of Consumer Behavior

Geographic segments
Demographic segments
Network segments
Custom segments based on pre-defined audiences
Configurable geographies – nationwide to zip code
Configurable market segments


High quality client services and analytics

We provide responsive, knowledgeable and collaborative client services to drive informed decisions

Responsive, in-depth, high quality analytics that provoke action

In addition to our data and platform, we work closely with you to create a collaborative partnership so we can anticipate your needs. We’ll develop proactive analytics to keep you ahead of the market and dive deep into the data to answer your biggest questions about the latest market movements

Broad market knowledge

We offer broad knowledge on typical topics including market and competitive analysis, customer acquisition and loyalty, performance monitoring and marketing mix

We answer the elusive ”why?”

We help you unpack complex data sets so you can understand consumer buying behavior on a deeper level