“You’ve used 75% of your data plan” is a haunting message for Pokemon GO users across the nation. People are walking, running, kayaking and even creating a startup (jury’s out on whether they’re serious) to collect Pokemon across the nation. All the while, millions of consumers are tapping into their data plans to access the app. As of July 12th, downloads from Apple’s App Store and Google Play topped 15 million according to estimates from SensorTower. That’s a lot of people using their data plans.

Comlinkdata – a leading provider of telecom market data and consumer behavior analysis – analyzes twitter trends regarding the telecom industry. It’s no surprise people are taking their data concerns (and ideas) to the Twitterverse. Since the app was launched on July 6th, data shows a rapid increase in the volume of tweets of wireless users mentioning Pokémon GO. 40% of those Pokémon GO tweets are about the impact on data plans and usage.

There are now several articles on the Internet with tips on how to reduce your data usage, and according to the Wall Street Journal, PokemonGO doesn’t use an overwhelming amount of data. Despite the numbers, users are still tweeting about data and some are pushing for collaboration between the creator of the app, Niantic Labs and mobile wireless carriers:

“Pokémon get a deal going with AT&T I need more data”

“@Verizon bring back unlimited data so I can play #Pokémon Go”.

“@TMobile add #pokemonGo to #BingeOn?”

“If you having data overage problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but playing pokemon go ain’t one @sprint #hireme”

Could an app result in data plan changes for wireless carriers? On Thursday July 14th, John Legere announced via Twitter that this weeks TMobile Tuesdays will give users free unlimited data on the app (for a full year), free Lyft rides up to $15 to get to a new PokéStop or Gym. Sprint has also placed “lures”, a tool in the game used to attract Pokémon to a specific location, in Sprint and Boost Mobile retail locations where Pokémasters can use a free charging station.

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