STEM Career Series: Technology Related Majors

We’re back with the next installment of the Comlinkdata STEM Career Series. This next interview features Kyle Snow, a Data Analyst on our Data Operations team.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

Kyle Snow: I went to Boston University and received a BA in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science. Recently, I finished a MS degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Data Analytics, also from BU.


Why did you pick your major?

Snow: For undergrad, math was always one of my favorite subjects. My mom is a math teacher so math was always emphasized when I was growing up. I decided to add in the Computer Science concentration because I liked being able to do more applied math versus theoretical math. Computer science was also career oriented and fun.

For grad school, I started taking a few classes I was interested in while I was working at BU. I didn’t set out to do a MS program, but it ended up working out so I narrowed the classes down to a CIS degree and then I picked a concentration. Some of the options were architecture and security, but I ended up picking data analytics because there is so much data in the world now, and I like the idea of being able to make strategic business decisions based on empirical evidence.


How have you incorporated your major into your career and current role?

Snow: We use SQL to organize all of the data that we have so it was helpful to familiarize myself with that and other tools. It was helpful to learn about things like math modeling because it helps me think about our data and how we can apply it. Also, in class you get to work with fake datasets so you learn how to think about the data and then apply it to what you’re doing on the job.


What advice would you give to current technology majors?

Snow: Take classes and pursue what you’re interested in. There are so many different jobs that you’ll learn about as you go.

Also, it’s important to learn how to problem solve.

The pace of technological change and the number of analytical tools available can be daunting, but as long as you still have the desire to learn you’ll be successful.


What is a funny/strange/weird way you’ve used your science major at CLD or in life?

Snow: I took data from NBA seasons and created a visualization dashboard and heat maps using R to show how many wins each team had.


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