T’was the day after Christmas, when all through the house, the new phones were activated, powered up with new apps….

And so it went on December 26th – traditionally one of the highest volume days of the holiday season for wireless switching, second only to Black Friday. 2016 was no exception, with wireless switching volume up 8% over last year, reaching the second highest volume for December 26th in the past five years (second only to 2014).



Why the surge in volume on December 26th?

There were plenty of reasons to celebrate this holiday season, as wireless carriers extended many of the most attractive promotions offered on Black Friday, withdrawing some but adding others as the end of the year drew to a close.

For much of December, Verizon offered free or discounted offers on the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Google Pixel and other popular smartphones. AT&T offered Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) offers on the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and other high-end smartphones. Sprint offered Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) on the Galaxy S7, a free iPhone SE with the purchase of an iPhone 7, and discounts on the iPhone 6S and LG V20. T-Mobile offered a $200 credit for switchers who purchased a new phone, and offered discounted pricing on many of the most popular smartphones through most of December.

Those deals – particularly the smartphone BOGOs – created quite a buzz on social media. The volume of tweets discussing BOGO offers jumped sharply around Black Friday and surged again as Christmas approached, and continued to remain elevated on the day after Christmas as the deals were still being offered.



With wireless deals that generate that kind of excitement, it’s no wonder the holiday season is the busiest period of the year to switch to a new wireless carrier.

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