The wireless industry hit warp speed on February 13th, which is the day Verizon surprised the market by going against its long-touted opposition to unlimited data and launched its new Verizon Unlimited plan, with unlimited data, talk, and text.

Though T-Mobile and Sprint have long offered unlimited data plans and AT&T offered an unlimited data plan to customers who also subscribed to DirecTV, when Verizon joined the unlimited party, they upended the competitive playing field. Since Verizon’s February 13th launch, every wireless carrier modified or announced their version of an unlimited data plan in an attempt to differentiate themselves in this hyper competitive market.

This flurry of activity around unlimited data plans created a corresponding surge in wireless customer switching volume. Though switching volume followed seasonal trends in the early weeks of 2017, since February 13th, switching volumes have risen sharply.



Similarly, social media was abuzz over the new plans. Through our social media analytics, Comlinkdata observed that the share of Twitter users discussing their intention to switch to Verizon surged after the announcement of its Unlimited Plan on February 13th.



The return of unlimited data plans across all major wireless carriers is a turning point in the industry. Comlinkdata has our finger on the pulse of the daily impact of these plans for each competitor and the industry as a whole. If you’d like to keep up on the latest insights, please contact us. And if this sounds like an industry where you’d like to lend your analytical talents, consider working with us.