Easy to use platform and data availability


We offer a uniquely comprehensive and accurate view of the market through our self-service platform or data transfers. Our user interface is custom-built in-house by developers, product managers and QA Staff. Our platform requires zero integration, allows clients to easily query data, and helps clients visualize complex data sets:


Onboard new users to our web based platform with no integration required – your analytic teams can be up and running in days. Our dedicated client services team will work closely with your users to train them on how to use the platform, and best practices for running reports. To expedite the learning process, we’ve created user friendly menus to allow users to quickly access and customize their report parameters.


Query our data, using filters for time, geography, demographics, network coverage, retail density and more. We have many KPIs built into the platform, and more can be developed. Our KPIs cover switching-based metrics, audience profile, audience creation with filters and customer segments to refine the data.


Visualize the data, patterns and behaviors, through a combination of configurable and exportable charts, maps, tables, or export data to Excel for further analysis, enrichment and visualization.