We are analytic entrepreneurs who love mining complex data for relevant insights. Every day, we try and learn more from data and deliver those insights to our clients

We are data historians: by studying past behaviors, we have crafted, tested and refined predictive algorithms that accurately forecast likely future market movement

We support each other and have fun – smart and inquisitive people who want to do great work are welcome here

We were founded in 2010 by former telecom strategy consultants and entrepreneurs. Our stated mission is to provide better, timely market data to help the highly competitive and dynamic telecom industry compete and win through data-driven decisions.


Key Principles

Independent Data

We believe in deep, independently sourced data constantly enriched, curated and validated for accuracy

The Cloud

We believe that a cloud-based data architecture is ideal for flexibly scaling to meet client demands, whether they prefer to consume our data through a web-based analytic platform or data transfers

Speed and Accessibility

We believe in delivering timely data and insights. Our clients need to take the pulse of the market every day, so they can adjust and optimize their plans as they go

Exceptional Client Service

We believe our data must come with exceptional client service: our business analysts are telecom experts who are dedicated to responding quickly with the highest quality analysis. We embrace the responsibility to consistently produce data, analysis and insights that reinforce our clients’ trust