We work hard to create new, unique products and insights. We’re driven problem-solvers and we’re dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations. At Comlinkdata, we promise to celebrate, support, and encourage our employees to be their authentic selves.

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At Comlinkdata, we are…

We recognize individual contribution, while celebrating failures and successes as a team. We transparently share our ideas, requiring other team members to offer critique, so we can help each other thrive

We believe no idea is too precious – there is always something else, something more, or something better. Our inquisitiveness drives innovation and we are never done.

We are a culture of high accountability. We are persistent and focused on delivering what we promise. We work hard and measure our success in results, not in hours.

We celebrate the whole person. We expect and appreciate both professional and personal authenticity from each other.

“Comlinkdata is special because of the people that work here. Because Comlinkdata has consultants (client analytics and insights), HR, management and technology positions, we have a very diverse, fun, smart group of people that makes coming to work everyday not a grind.”
Kyle – VP of Data Operations

“The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving, resulting in no shortage of challenging projects and products to work on at Comlinkdata. While the work is exciting, however, my favorite part of being an employee here is the culture: people are driven but extremely supportive of one another, which can be difficult to find at a company in a competitive, fast-paced industry.  That support extends to work-life balance, as well, in my experience.”
Lisa – Senior Analyst, Research & Development

“At Comlinkdata, you have the autonomy to create your own career path while receiving strong support from the entire team. Unlike most companies, you can develop your own role and continue to refine it as your interests change. The company is constantly growing, giving employees the opportunity to take on more responsibility and pursue more challenging roles.”
Nicole – Manager, Research & Development

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