Performance Monitoring & Quality of Experience

Your Network from Your Subscribers’ Viewpoint

Comlinkdata’s Network Insights platform provides the missing piece of the puzzle. We work with clients worldwide to give them a true, end-to-end assessment of their customers’ network experience, testing against the servers that host some of the world’s most popular applications.

Our data is the result of passive crowdsourcing, free of user-initiated or “clean room” biases, and independently curated telecom network data and can be used to measure raw KPI performance as well as network suitability for a range of applications.

We enable clients to visualize their network performance in a given area by month, week or day – or even down to a minute-by-minute basis. This allows operators to understand where and when their network performs best compared to the competition, as well as identifying any unplanned changes.

With over 190+ KPIs, our data provides operators with insight into traditional network performance metrics, as well as new requirements like video performance. Our Subscriber Experience Index provides an additional analytic lens into customer experience for other common applications including video conferencing, online gaming and social media.

  • Real-time data from real-world users
  • Independently curated telecom network data
  • Insights into own and competitor networks
  • Over 190 KPIs covering Quality of Service, device, and network infrastructure measurements
  • Application-specific analysis including video, online gaming and social media
  • Unparalleled geographic granularity
  • 18 months of history for longitudinal analysis
  • Intuitive visual analytics platform to analyze billions of data points instantly
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service