Infrastructure and Boundaries

Know the Boundaries, Know the Competition, Know your Targets

It’s hard to win if you don’t know how big the field is or who’s playing. We help service providers across the U.S. uncover opportunities in the U.S. Wholesale Market. Our products enable them to understand a variety of competitive boundaries (e.g. wire center, rate center, video, cable MSO, etc.) and then identify competitor buildings and transport connectivity partners with accuracy. Our proprietary methodologies allow for rich, actionable data that is used by executives and field operators for everything from network planning and maintenance to cohort targeting. We’ve identified:

  • 675,000+ CLEC served buildings with all CLECs identified at each
  • 300,000+ fiber lit buildings with all Lit Service Providers and fiber network equipment capacity at each
  • 210,000+ cellular locations (such as towers or buildings) and 265,000+ cellular service providers identified at each
  • 23,000+ telecom switching locations (ILEC, CLEC, and Wireless) as well as each service provider and the NPA-NXX-Xs for each switch at each building
  • Building flags for commercial office buildings, MTSOs, commercial office buildings, central offices, carrier hotels, etc.

All buildings have a unique Building ID that links to our solutions database and have latitude, longitude, and geocoping for accurate spatial analysis. In addition, we provide customized data, analysis, reports, maps, and ongoing consultative services to ensure that we always have the highest level of accuracy. Learn more here.