Monitor legacy systems for opportunities and threats
In the highly competitive market for business communications services, customers who buy landline voice services (typically in combination with broadband) represent both the majority of sales revenue and the highest value customer group for communications service providers. Tracking and optimizing performance with this customer set – whether understanding loss trends to over the top voice providers, understand the quality of the network or win share in the lucrative mid-sized business segment – is critical to supporting continued strong revenue growth.
The first step to managing something is to measure it – and Comlinkdata’s landline voice measurement pairs the richest customer flowshare data with online tools and our market expertise to help customers understand and optimize their B2B sales and operations activities.
  • Market share and flowshare performance measurement
  • Network performance insights
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly time series with daily updates
  • Nationwide and market level detail
  • Firmographics by industry segment and employee count
  • Cable, Telco and ‘over the top’ VOIP cohorts
  • 5+ years of history for longitudinal analysis
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service
  • Dedicated client teams help you apply the data for maximum impact