Strategic Network Planning

Make smart, Evidence-based Investment Decisions on Where to Improve and Maintain your Network

Changing technologies and subscriber needs create a challenge for network operators who need to ensure maximum return on investments they make.

As operators look to upgrade to 5G infrastructure, as well as expand their coverage footprints, our Network Insights solution helps customers prioritize improvement areas by combining customer experience data, telecom network data and competitive intelligence to allow smarter decision-making on how, where and when to invest in new network capabilities.

Our data is real-time, meaning decisions can be made using the most up-to-date information available, and measures the actual customer experience so operators can understand how the customer is experiencing changes made to the network. Data is available down to individual street corners, and deep into rural areas, to inform any scale of network planning project.

  • Real-time data from real-world users
  • Independently curated telecom network data
  • Insights into competitor network usage patterns to highlight high-value target areas
  • Over 190 KPIs covering Quality of Service, device, and network infrastructure measurements
  • Application-specific analysis including video, online gaming and social media
  • Unparalleled geographic granularity
  • 18 months of history for longitudinal analysis
  • Intuitive visual analytics platform to analyse billions of data points instantly
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service