Competitive Benchmarking

Know Where You Stand When It Comes to Subscriber Experience

Trusted by major operators around the world, our crowdsourced network performance data, independently curated telecom network data and visualization tools enable operators to quickly and easily optimize their networks and benchmark their performance against the competition. We provide comparative end-to-end measurement from the subscriber’s point of view for any time or location.

Our clients use our data to analyse network performance and draw direct comparisons to their competition, across towns and cities, and even in rural areas, along highways and inside buildings.

With a view on the strengths and weaknesses of each network through the eyes of real subscribers, operators can make the right strategic decisions to maintain and optimize  their networks and intelligently allocate capital to win subscribers away from the competition.  

  • Real-time data from real-world users
  • Independently curated telecom network data
  • Insights into own and competitor networks
  • Over 190 KPIs covering Quality of Service, device, and network infrastructure measurements
  • Application-specific analysis including video, online gaming and social media
  • Unparalleled geographic granularity
  • 18 months of history for longitudinal analysis
  • Intuitive visual analytics platform to analyze billions of data points instantly
  • Online portal access for 24/7 self service